ingrid horstmann


freelance photographer and author

  Ingrid HorstmannIngrid Horstmann lives in Munich, while the emphasis of her work and her passion lie in Asia. She was able to broaden her knowledge and experience with S. Nudelmann, New York and R. Prinzenauer in Singapore. Her combined works on Myanmar, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Vietnam were printed with Times Edition. 1997 she published with the author W. Lübeck „The way to a happy life" which features photographical impressions from Myanmar, Vietnam, China and Japan.

1999 saw the publication of the much noted calendar „Development of a journey through time" with sensitive portraits of Buddhist monk life. In 2000, another book followed: 150 pictures a with text by W. Willaschek carry the title „Glances - beholden to Burma - A journey of discovery into the world of Myanmar". This work was published in english by Asia Book, Bangkok in 2001.

Ingrid Horstmann has travelled and worked extensively in many places of the world.  She also gave lectures and exhibited her works in Munich, Vienna, Madrid, Singapore, San Francisco, New York and Boston. In 2007 and 2008 she was nominated for the Al-Thani Award for Photography. Recently the book "Myanmar/Burma erzählt" was published with her pictures. Over 20 years of experience with travel in Myanmar allow her to organize and lead adventure tours for interested individuals into the hidden paths of this breathtaking country. She sponsors and helps to maintain the local orphanage in Yangon und Bogalay.

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